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Finlab UOB

The FinLab is a regional business innovation accelerator powered by UOB that equips businesses in ASEAN with the knowledge and technology to digitally transform, and become more efficient, competitive, and successful.
Established in 2015 and headquartered out of Singapore, The FinLab guides and drives business transformation and innovative thinking in ASEAN businesses, from technology startups to small and medium enterprises. Through The FinLab’s guidance, businesses transform through digitisation, map long-term growth goals, and compete within ASEAN’s changing business environment.

The FinLab Online is a first-in-the-region initiative connecting individuals, businesses and organisations across ASEAN. It is a place where ASEAN businesses can learn how to take charge of their business transformation and adopt the best technology solutions.
All businesses in ASEAN can sign up for free to become a FinLab Online community member.