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Googling your way to growth

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Googling your way to growth 

- Webnatics 

It is not difficult to find an agency that can run Google ads. The crux for many brands is understanding the intricacies of building and running an optimised campaign.

Frieda Lee, General Manager at leading ASEAN digital & search engine marketing agency Webnatics asserts that the use of search engines for marketing is imperative for boosting sales:

“Search engines are really important because that’s the first starting point of anybody who wants to do a search. Searches are also a way to capture mindshare, and funnel people into your website from the digital marketing space,” she said.

Many SMEs cannot afford the high costs associated with hiring a dedicated digital marketing manager, or approaching an external agency to run their marketing campaigns.

“SMEs are basically stretched by two things - know-how and time - which means that they can’t hire a marketing manager or digital manager at $3000 a month to run a campaign because they don’t want to bear that kind of overheads. They also want to DIY, so they want somebody who can run their campaigns at top-notch level at maybe $500 a month, that’s how our agency goes in,” Frieda said.

SMEs can also take the omnichannel approach to marketing to enhance customer experience, and ensure customers enjoy a seamless and consistent experience across physical and digital touch points. In essence, brands that can offer a frictionless experience will come out on top.

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