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Using data to stay competitive

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Using data to stay competitive 

– CocoLoco 

For Kelvin Ngian, owner of the company behind Singapore’s own cold-pressed coconut water CocoLoco, the use of data analytics was the next logical step after digitalising back-end processes. With a focus on efficiency and modernisation, Kelvin recognised that so much more information could be gathered from CocoLoco’s customer invoices using data analytics.

“Our delivery guys were sitting on all these digital invoices, which they could easily have used to understand the customers’ buying behaviour, and help us anticipate our customers’ needs better,” said Kelvin.

In an age where businesses need to digitalise and streamline processes in order to stay competitive, Kelvin feels that making full use of company data is just common sense. CocoLoco worked with tech start-up Alpha7 to implement their innovative digital dashboard solution, allowing Cocoloco to view all their business data on a single platform across laptops and mobile devices.

On his phone, Kelvin can now view a daily sales report which includes data on his top customers and products, giving him greater visibility of his company’s performance and enabling him to manage customer relationships effectively to grow his business. While Alpha 7’s dashboard is a nascent application for CocoLoco, Kelvin sees much promise in leveraging data and similar tools to support his business. 

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