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This fishing net represents the SMEs that do manufacturing / distribution: Jaya Nets, Malaysian’s largest fishing nets and ropes manufacturer, Halo Innovation, a Thai PVC compound manufacturer, and Ethos Group, a distributor of polymers, chemicals and lubricants.

Jaya Nets

Established in 1985, Jaya Nets is the largest synthetic fishing nets, ropes and twines manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

Advancements in Digitalisation

Smoothen existing business processes by strengthening warehouse, inventory and human resource management systems

Halo Innovation

Halo Innovation is an industrial company specialising in PVC compound manufacturing for products such as wire cables and rubber hoses.

Advancements in Digitalisation

Implementing a warehouse and inventory management solution that can help them to uplift efficiency

Ethos Group

Ethos Group consists of 5 business units in 3 registered companies, covering products and services from distribution of polymers and lubricants, to premium gifts, to body and skincare products.
Advancements in Digitalisation:

Advancements in Digitalisation

Using an AI solution to help them choose the best influencers for their influencer marketing campaign

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