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This clipboard represents the services SMEs: Stratos Consulting, a Malaysian market research firm; Dustbox, an airconditioning service company in Malaysia; and L&T Machinery, a supplier that provides rental of generators in Malaysia.

Stratos Consulting

Stratos Consulting is a multi-discipline market research and consultancy firm. It has an overall objective of helping organisations develop greater understanding of their markets and make better business decisions.


Advancements in Digitalisation

Collecting and analysing more meaningful market data by tapping on digital marketing and driving more online surveys

The Dustbox

The Dustbox provides air-conditioning servicing using its proprietary JetBox Technology, and it is looking to diversify into working and living space sanitation.

Advancements in Digitalisation

Adopting a CRM system, which allows for effective tracking client bookings and accessing client diagnostic reports

L & T Machinery

Established in 1990, L & T Machinery specialises in supplying and renting machinery to commercial and industrial customers across East and West Malaysia.


Advancements in Digitalisation

Remote tracking and management of its assets and machinery

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