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Affable: Find relevant and authentic influencers with the right target audience

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Affable.ai is an influencer intelligence and insights platform that helps you find relevant and authentic influencers with the right target audience. Using advanced computer vision & machine learning, Affable filters out influencers with fake followers and low engagement to maximize the ROI and brand safety for any influencer campaign.

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Discover authentic influencers in any category using Advanced Filters, and save up to 80% of your time in finding the right influencer.

  • Filter influencers by interest, brand affiliation, location, gender, and audience
  • Predict their audience reach
  • Receive in-depth insights into any influencer’s follower base – demographics, interests, and other brand partnerships


Contact Influencers and manage your relationships using Affable’s built-in CRM.

  • Email shortlisted influencers in bulk
  • Track your replies and negotiate terms and conditions directly from our platform


Discover and leverage Influencer marketing trends in any region.

  • Track industry trends and competitor stats
  • Discover the most active brands and trending #hashtags among influencers 

FinLab Exclusive Discount: 67% discount to SMEs referred by FinLab;

FinLab SME plan will be USD 250/mo with a minimum 6-month commitment (typical SME plan is USD 750/mo with 12-month commitment)

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