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PEPPOL: Send, store, and retrieve e-invoices with universal standards

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Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) is an e-Invoicing standard that enables a standardised way of issuing and receiving E-Invoices between businesses. The PEPPOL E-Invoicing standard is a fast-growing standard adopted by many countries. In 2019, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) launched the nationwide E-Invoicing network based on PEPPOL standards. The framework provides an e-invoicing standard to help SMEs improve operational efficiency, enjoy faster payment cycles and access new financing options through digitalisation. 

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Companies that wish to adopt e-invoicing must subscribe to an Access Point (AP) provider or use an existing solution provider that is PEPPOL-enabled. UOB has existing partnership arrangements with AP and solution providers that caters to business needs. By connecting via UOB’s PEPPOL AP / solution provider, you can connect to other businesses across the entire PEPPOL network (i.e. connect once, connect all) both locally and globally. Businesses that are PEPPOL-enabled will also be able to use the PEPPOL invoice for our Cash and Financing services.

  • Hassle free: Reduce errors from manual paperwork and processing of hard copy invoices
  • Secure: Send e-invoices securely and receive notification of successful receipt and acceptance 
  • Fast: Optimise cash flow by accelerating invoice processing and reduce payment delays

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